What is a virtual research assistant?

A virtual research assistant is an application powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist you with your duties as a research assistant.

As a researcher or research assistant you have many duties and tasks to perform. From finding grants and funding sources to research planing, literature searches, experiment design, statistical data analysis, manuscript writing, research presentations and much more.

Senior researches who have obtained funding, external or by the university, often employ research assistants who help them with various tasks.

Virtual research assistant technology seeks to assist the assistants by performing certain narrow but time consuming tasks such as literature searches and surveys.

You too can now hire unlimited virtual research assistants who help you with your literature search tasks! POIA Science is such a virtual research assistant. You can delegate it some of the work that you have to coduct for every research project.

Offload some work to POIA Science and have more time available for your other duties. Finish your projects faster and get done with that dissertation!

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