A better way to find literature for your term paper

Are you conducting a literature search? You are a seasoned student or just starting out with university? The one assignment that is repeated dozens of times per term is the term paper.

The workflow for each paper is always the same.

  1. You get one or two papers as a reference from your professor
  2. You read them and try to figure out which are the keywords that scholars are using in that field.
  3. You type these keywords in your scholarly search engine of choice
  4. Now you are dwarfed by the thousands potentially relevant articles

This is the old way to conduct a literature search, trying to determine some meaningful keywords which hopefully lead you to more literature, but you are never quite sure weather you are searching the right way.

POIA Science helps you write that term paper faster! By cutting the time spend hunting down relevant research articles.

With POIA Science, you upload those initial papers from your advisor on our webapp. A virtual research assistant will read through them and head of to our library of scientific articles. The virtual research assistant will report to you any articles which it thinks are relevant for your paper topic.

Whenever the assistant is not quite right, you can correct it by marking a suggested paper as irrelevant. Our machine learning algorithms will figure out what made you decide that an article was not quite relevant for you term paper. The assistant will learn and adapt and go back to the library with its new found knowledge about your topic.

Step by step, the assistant will get a crystal clear picture of your unique topic. Once the assistant has a solid understanding of your topic, it will dig up all the really relevant references for your term paper. The only step left for you is to finish writing it.

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