A better way to conduct literature searches

Train your own personal research assistant. It will read through all available research for you. Finding exactly what you are looking for.

Semantic Academic Search

Our custom semantic search engine uses latest NLP-technology to semantically analyze the scientific literature. We go beyond social recommendations to thoroughly relevant semantic recommendations.

  • Search by Document

    Gone are the days of manually creating a complicated keyword query to search the literature. Now you can simply upload a relevant paper and the assistant will find relevant papers.

  • Automatic search of any new literature

    Any newly published research or preprints are read by the virtual assistant. You will be notified if any paper is relevant to your particular project.

  • Real Personalized Results

    Other literature search services depend on social recommendations, where you only get results which are known to your field. With POIA Science all recommendations are based on semantic features. You will discover novel links in the literature which were never found before.

  • Full control over your data

    Import your articles as PDF documents and download the at anytime. The results of your search can be easily exported in the Bibtex format.

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