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More than 30 research articles per minute are published in PubMed
14 preprints per hour on arXiv               
4 preprints articles per hour on bioRxiv

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Semantic Academic Search

Researcher used to search the literature in a tedious and ineffective way by identifying, selecting and searching for keywords and hunting articles in references in the hope to discover a relevant academic article. There is a better way: With PoiaScience, the virtual research assistant, you no longer search using keywords, instead you can search based on the actual semantic content of any academic research article.

Personalized Research Feed

Over 40'000 research articles are published every day. Depending on your field you face between 5 and 100 daily articles. The PoiaScience virtual research assistant will find the few relevant new articles for your projects among the flood of new publications. Leaving you with more time to do actual research.

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